Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sousse, Tunisia

Located on the eastern coast of Tunisia, with the beautiful turquoise waters of the Gulf of Hammamet lapping at its shores, Sousse is a culturally rich and beautiful destination. Bathed in year round sunshine, and boasting an amazing and diverse history, it is the ideal destination to take your holiday, throughout the year.
Dating back thousands of years, Sousse has seen a wonderfully diverse array of cultural influences and has taken something from all of them. With imposing and grand buildings erected by the Romans, extensive and enduring Arabic influences, as well as some resonating effects of French and European presence, Sousse is a cultural hotbed. Together with the stunning beach swathed in white sand and crystal clear water, this is a stunning destination, which is sure to deliver a great holiday in the sun.

The city is brimming with places and attractions that are sure to entertain. You could spend an afternoon in the UNESCO World Heritage Site approved Medina, which can be found in the centre of town. With covered alleyways, and a distinctive bustling charm, you can find a wide array of lovely souvenirs and wares, all at great prices.

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